Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process where people involved in conflict are helped by a neutral third party (the mediator) to resolve their problems collaboratively.

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Our work building local capacity is based on our ability to meet the needs and grow the skills of local groups that come to us. We do this through thoughtful: assessment, analysis, design and program development. In some cases the work we do with a particular group is an accredited course, in other instances a TIDES Trainer helps an organization to review their management strategy (see Consultancy). TIDES understands that civil society is comprised of many actors. As such, the groups we work with ranges from local youth workers in interface areas to a variety of statutory organizations.

We walk alongside local groups as they make their journey towards developing their full potential – enabling them to better engage in Northern Irish civil society. We believe strongly that the work we engage in internationally only carries credibility because of the valuable learning we experience at home.


We ensure that all the local programmes we design have:

  • An invitation from the locally based organisation.
  • A clear analysis of the background need for the programme.
  • Considered the phase of the conflict or post conflict setting as appropriate to the programme proposed [Prevention, Intervention, Mediative or Transformative].
  • A detailed understanding of the learning outcomes from both a learner and trainer perspective.
  • A deep commitment to experiential learning as a core methodology.
  • Flexibility in design to maximise programme availability to the client group.
  • A commitment to make the learning environment culturally appropriate, stimulating, safe, learner centred and enjoyable.