Here are just a few of the organizations and resources we continue to learn from:

  • Belfast City
    Council’s home website. Links to local services, advice, events, business news and more.
    The Bytes Project provides opportunities in an informal setting for young people to accelerate their own personal development through the creative and enjoyable use of technology. This page has a great list of links to organizations in Northern Ireland.
  • Community
    Community NI is the central resource for information, news and discussion on the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland. It has been developed by the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, with one core aim – the promotion of the voluntary and community sector.
  • Community Relations
    The Council’s aim is to assist the people of Northern Ireland to recognise and counter the effects of communal division.This website supports our work in providing information about the Council, and has a collection of useful resources for those involved in community relations work.
    Peace and Reconciliation Center promoting reconciliation and peace-building through the healing of social, religious and political divisions in Northern Ireland.
  • Department of Education Northern
  • Dialogue for Peaceful Change – DPC is a global coalition, dedicated to creating safe spaces to overcome division through a structured and skilled process of mutual empowerment. DPC is available in locations around the world.
  • Institute for Conflict
  • Multi-Cultural Resource
    The Multi-Cultural Resource Centre, is part of the Bryson Charitable Group and a regional organisation working as a conduit advocating and promoting human rights and equity through empowerment, collaboration and support of Black and Minority Ethnic communities and individuals.
  • National Open College
    The Open College Network supports learning and widens opportunity by recognising achievement through credit-based courses and qualifications. The National Open College Network aims to be at the forefront of a comprehensive national Credit Accumulation and Transfer system, and recognised for promoting social inclusion, wider participation and community transformation.
  • Northern Ireland
    Northern Ireland Executive’s main website with links to other government departments, laws and recent news.
  • Open College
    OCN works with national and local organisations to develop and widen access to education, training and learning. Since 1995 OCN NI has provided a comprehensive accreditation service to learners throughout Northern Ireland and during that time we have registered over 150,000 learners.
  • Peace & Collaborative Development
  • Public
    Public Achievement’s mission is ‘Building Democtratic Communities Together’. We work with young people and to support adults to work with young people in ways which encourage active citizenship. Our efforts are focused on working with communities that face tough realities – in particular areas that face social and economic disadvantage and many which have also been adversely affected by the former conflict and its legacy.
  • Centre for Global
    The Centre for Global Education (CGE) was established in 1986 by eight development agencies to provide education services that will enhance awareness of international development issues. Its central remit is to challenge dominant stereotypes and commonly held perceptions of developing countries which are prevalent in our society. It aims to use education as a means of challenging the causes of poverty and inequality in both local and global contexts by working with all sectors of education.
  • Equality Commission of Northern
    The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland is an independent public body established under the Northern Ireland Act 1998. The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland is an independent public body established under the Northern Ireland Act 1998. To advance equality, promote equality of opportunity, encourage good relations and challenge discrimination through promotion, advice and enforcement.
  • Mediation Northern
    Our vision is of a peaceful society where conflict is handled well and there are good relations between citizens and across communities. Mediation Northern Ireland’s purpose is to be a not-for-profit social enterprise which serves the development of mediation and associated disciplines by maintaining in Northern Ireland a centre of excellence in The development of mediative practices, the provision of training in mediative skills and the facilitation of learning about conflict, division and the promotion of peace.