1st September 2016

The Power of Dialogue in Shared Spaces

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The Power of Dialogue in Shared Spaces

As part of Community Relations and Cultural Awareness Week, we are organising a seminar on the power of dialogue in shared spaces, on Wednesday 21st September.

This seminar is a joint collaboration between 174 Trust, Community Dialogue and TIDES Training and Consultancy and will address:

Obstacles to Dialogue
Barriers to Peace building
How Shared Spaces can work

The seminar will consist of three workshops individually hosted by the three organisations.

Workshop One

Conflict Resolution and Mediation as a Tool for Dialogue facilitated by TIDES

Workshop Two

Dialogue and overcoming obstacles to building a peaceful and prosperous future facilitated by Community Dialogue

Workshop Three

Lessons from developing a Shared Space facilitated by 174 Trust

Followed by lunch at 13.00p.m


Please reserve your complimentary ticket through the following link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-power-of-dialogue-in-shared-spaces-tickets-27408125441#

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